LBNO-DEMO - Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory Demonstration experiment (WA105)

The LBNO-DEMO (Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory Demonstration) Experiment aims at demonstrating the operation of the novel large liquid argon double-phase time projection chamber (DLAr TPC) and the modern techniques for magnetized MIND detectors.

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Towards CP violation in the leptonic sector, neutrino astrophysics and proton decay searches

The recent measurement of the theta_13 angle of the PMNS mixing matrix has opened a new phase in the study of neutrino oscillations.Indeed, as all the three mixing angles are different from zero, the possibility to observe CP violating effects in the leptonic sector becomes the next exciting milestone. This observation would be a very important experimental indication related to the leptogenesis model, our best explanation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe. This challenging physics goal requires a combination of new accelerator facilities and new large-scale experiments: it can be addressed uniquely by a long-baseline neutrino beam coupled to a large underground neutrino observatory.

New technologies for very large mass neutrino detectors

The construction of the next-generation deep-underground neutrino observatory requires the development of new technologies based on the liquid argon time projection chamber and the techniques for magnetized iron detectors.

About LBNO-DEMO project

The European neutrino community has early on recognized the importance of this science and has been supported by the European Commission to prepare the new experiment with two Framework Programme 7 design studies. The consortium has successfully concluded its design phase, including a detailed engineering study of large liquid Argon TPC detectors in the Pyhäsalmi (Finland) site. The consortium is now active in the construction of a large demonstrator LBNO-DEMO.